Blogtober day 2

For day 2 of blogtober, I am going to do the 50 facts about me tag, so let’s get started.

Fact 1: I was born in canada

Fact 2: I have two younger sisters

Fact 3: I have two cats

Fact 4: I live in Queensland Australia

Fact 5: I am a makeup artist in training

Fact 6: my face food is mac n cheese

Fact 7: I love pickles

Fact 8: I love everything 80’s

Fact 9: I live with my mom

Fact 10: I am 19

Fact 11: I live drawing and all other forms of art

Fact 12: sia’s song clap your hands creeps me out

Fact 13: Betty boop gives me nightmares

Fact 14: my celebrity crush is Brad Pitt

Fact 15: when I was little I wanted to be an astronaut

Fact 16: math is my weak point

Fact 17: I can immatate an Australian accent

Fact 18: I am related to actress and model, Tricia Helfer

Fact 19: I had my first kiss at the age of 16

Fact 20: I love to cook

Fact 21: my face actor at the moment is Jared Leto

Fact 22: I am a christian

Fact 23: I have a wattpad and quotev account

Fact 24: October and December are my fave months

Fact 25: any number that has the number 4 is lucky to me

Fact 26: I never graduated highschool

Fact 27: I love listening to music

Fact 28: I have ocd in some things

Fact 29: I am a morning person

Fact 30: I love coffee

Fact 31: my fave fruit us watermelon

Fact 32: my fave show at the moment is the cartoon version of Mr. Bean

Fact 33: when the show Sherlock came out, I thought it’d be stupid but I love it now

Fact 34: my fave colour is black

Fact 35: I love star wars and star trek

Fact 36: growing up,  I was never really into Barbie dolls

Fact 37: I love all things vintage

Fact 38: snow white creeps me out

Fact 39: I love beauty and the beast

Fact 40: I am really nervous about the live action take on beauty and the beast

Fact 41: I can speake some Spanish (Mexican)

Fact 42: I got my nose pierced in August 16 2016 ( my grandma’s b-day)

Fact 43: my grade 3 teacher hated me

Fact 44: I’m not a typical teen girl

Fact 45: when I was little I always wanted a mobile phone at the age of 11

Fact 46: i love Snoopy and Winnie the pooh

Fact 47: I have a crush on Flynn Ryder from tangled

Fact 48: my fave movie is straight from the heart

Fact 49: my fave band at the moment is 30 seconds to mars

Fact 50: my best friend lives in south Carolina

So there you go, 50 facts about me.  I really hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment about I will do my best to answer your question. With all that said,  I hope you enjoyed blogtober day 2.

Thank you so much for reading and as always, stay creative.


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