Blogtober day 5

In my last post I mentioned being absent due to illness. I will be caught up with posting by the 7th my time. Any way here is day 5 of blogtober.

I am going to be talking about my creative writing process. In my 50 facts post, I mentioned that I have wattpad and quotev accounts.

I love writing. Usually my writing process is really boring and sometimes it can be fun, it just depends.

I am always watching videos on YouTube, listening to music and going outside. A lot of times while I am doing something, an idea will pop into my head and will jot it down and then come back to it.

For my stories, I always find actors that resemble my characters just because I find it easier to write when i know my main villian looks like Henry cavill or whoever.  It helps create a bigger picture.

I really honestly don’t have a process and I do apologise if this just sounds like a jumbled mess.

All I am saying is that everyday things inspire me and then I jot ideas down and go from there. That’s it really.

Anyway to conclude this non-interesting post, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you for putting up with my rambling posts. I do hope though that you are enjoying them and getting something from them even if it is that Idont make sense.

Thanks again for reading…

Until next time, stay creative.


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