Blogtober day 6

Ok, I know i said I’d be caught up by the 7th my time and technically I will be. Anyway here is tonight’s proper post (6th of October).

I am going to talk about my great grandma. Why, you may ask, because she is my hero, that’s why.

Even though I didn’t really get to know her, I have heard stories of how kind, caring, sweet and generous she was. Let’s get into why she is my hero, shall we?

She survived the dirty thirties even though she lost two siblings.

She had 11 kids despite the fact she had an enlarged heart which we say is just because she had so much love to give.

She would have gifts for people just because.

My has told me  that she loved going to my great grandma’s on school breaks and holidays. She even told me that my great grandma had started recycling before it was even a thing.

I was in grade 4 the last time I saw her and since then, she has gone to be with God.  My final memory with her is one I will never forget. We visiting Canada because there was a family reunion and we wanted to go. I sat on the front steps of her house with her talking and laughing.  We we’re eating cake and drinking juice boxes too.

She loved her family very much.  I do miss her a lot and feel sad that my kids will never get to meet her,  but the memories that my family and I have of her and my great grandpa(he passed too) will live in through the stories we share.

My grandpa I miss too.  He was also really sweet and you could tell he was in love with my great grandma.

All in all my great parents will be missed but as I said, their memory will live on through stories past on from generation to generation.

To wrap this up I just want to say, please tell the people you love that you love them and spend as much time as you can with them because you never know when it will be the last dinner, Christmas, Thanksgiving or family gathering. Have no regrets and remember to live each day as if it were the last.

Thank you for reading. I do apologize if that was a tad depressing.  Please know that I am here if you want to talk.

Until next time, stay creative!

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