Blogtober day 27

I’m so very excited because today I get to write this post on my laptop. Anyway, I have some breakfast ideas for you that I hope you will enjoy.

Idea 1. Toast and Eggs: this is a simple thing to make and very self explanatory breakfast.

Idea 2. chocolate chip pancakes: Again, this is pretty simple and very easy to make. When I make this, I use a store bought mix. I add choc chips and then eat it (dah)

Idea 3. Eggs: this is the easiest thing to make, so I won’t explain how to make it.

Idea 4: Bacon and Toast: ok I know I have already Put toast down as an option but this in my opinion, is so good. All you have to do is cook your bacon the way you like it and make toast. Then you add bqq sauce to the toast and cheese slices then add your bacon.

Idea 5. Smoothies: All you have to is add whatever you would like into a blender and blend it.

ok, those were a few ideas for you. I hope you have enjoyed this and I hope that out of these Ideas I was able to help you.

until next time,stay creative!


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