Blogmas Day: 26

Dear Readers,

There are so many things that I would like to say. I have had my ups and my downs but I have learned so many things that I am grateful for. I have learned how to control my patients a little better than have in the past. I have also learned not to take things for granted. God has blessed me with so many wonderful things this year that I will remember for the rest of my life.  

I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this coming year and for my future. I pray that God will help guide me in the right direction. God knows the plan HE has for me and I can’t wait to see it unfold.

If you are ever feeling like you can’t go on, or you feel so lost you do not know what to do, I highly encourage you to seek God’s help and ask Him to show you what he wants you to do. I understand that for some people, It is hard for them to grasp that there is a God and that he wants to help you and see you succeed in life and that he loves you with his whole being. When you take that leap of faith and put your whole trust in him, it makes him proud.

Please don’t take this as me preaching at you or telling you, you must do this or else. It is fully your choice and your choice alone. No one can make you believe in him, it is solely your choice.

I am writing this because I want to remember what 2016 has brought me. I am so thankful that I have been given the chance to start this blog. I have enjoyed every second of it, even though I have not been faithful with writing a post every single day. Sometimes things happen that are not in your control, I like to say that life happens because it’s true, sometimes it does and you can’t help it.

I want you all to know, that I am truly grateful for all  of your support through all of this and I hope that you have enjoyed reading my blog and I hope that I have not left you feeling bored out of your mind  by reading this.

I hope that you all have had a very Merry Christmas and I pray that you all have a very Blessed New year. I pray that this coming year is full of joy and happiness.

Thank you for sticking with me on this blog post journey. I will see you all in tomorrows post. 

                                          Until Next Time, Stay Creative!!



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