Blogtober 2017 Day 15 prt 1

Good gosh you guys, we are on week 3. I can’t believe that we have reached this far. It seems like just yesterday I started Blogtober 2017.

Anyway, this entire week will be full of Q&A tags that I have found online. Today I am going to start with with questions that no one asks. This is part one. Please enjoy!!

Let’s jump into today⬇️⬇️


            Questions That No One Asks:

1: Where Did You Grow Up?                                                                                                         New Zealand and Australia.

2: Earliest Memory You Have?                                                                                                             Sitting outside playing scrabble and drinking iced tea with my grandma.

3: If You Won The Lottery, What Would You Do?                                                                            Help those in need.

4: How do you make your day productive?                                                                              Try to do one chore e.g laundry.

5: Flying Reindeer Or Unicorn?                                                                                                   Flying Reindeer.

6: Do You Have To Be Tucked in or fall asleep either way?                                                        Depends on how I feel and on the weather .

7: If You Had To Choose One Item Of Clothing To Wear forever, what would it be?            My black leggings ( I already have 3 pairs).

8: If You Could Kiss,Marry Or Kill Any Celebrity, Who Would It Be?                                 Kiss Luke Evans (Gaston), Marry Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and Kill Taylor Swift ( I really dislike her).

9: Question You Want To Answer That No One Asks?                                                                    How old are you really? Um 20.

10: Do You Still Watch Cartoons?                                                                                                  Yes I do, do you?

11: Show Or Movie You Watch But Shouldn’t?                                                                              I am of age so, none.

12: Show You Wish Would Come Back?                                                                                       The tv version of Lilo and Stitch.                      

13: Song You Sing But Don’t Know The Lyrics To?                                                                           Hurricane Streets by Hey Monday.

14: If You Could Have One Talent, What Would It Be?                                                              The ability to turn those I loath into stone and then they crumble.

15: Would You Prefer The World To Be Peaceful Forever Or  Have No One Go Hungry?                                                                                                                                         That’s a tough but question, what would you choose? ( comment below ).

16: What Weird Food Combo Do You Like?                                                                                Salt ‘n’ vinegar chips with cottage cheese.

17: Eat Your Calories Or Drink Them?                                                                                        Can I blend my calories in a blender then drink them?

18: 5 Things That Improve Your Day?                                                                                    Devotions, coffee or tea, good food, great sleep and good company.

19: Would You Prefer Someone To Go Through Your Phone Or Internet History?               Internet history.

20: Three things for survival of stranded?                                                                                 Fully charged cell phone, food and water



Well there you have it the first part of questions that no one asks. 

If you enjoyed it then please give this post a big like and feel free to follow this blog for more fun and interesting tips and trick to improve your day and make you smile.

Until Next Time, Stay Creative!! 



2 thoughts on “Blogtober 2017 Day 15 prt 1

  1. Heather Boonstra says:

    Alright! The first time I have read this and it was great! I would enjoy reading what you have to write in the future. May I follow you? Love ya, Bug! 🙂


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