Blogtober 2017 Day 16 prt 2

Welcome back, today is part 2 of the questions that no one asks. 

Let’s jump into it⬇️⬇️


Questions That No One Asks Prt 2:

21: If You Could Choose One Person To Be The Last On Earth With You, Who Would It Be?                                                                                                                                                        No clue.

22: If Someone Told You, You Can’t Use Instagram, Twitter or YouTube Again, What Do You Choose?                                                                                                                               Twitter.

23: If You Got To Choose, How Would You Become Famous?                                                   Be the child of a famous person but also work hard for what I earn.

24: What Languages Do You Speak?                                                                                                  I am fluent in English and I can speak some Spanish.

25: Languages You Wish You Could Speak?                                                                            Croatian.

26: Country You Wish You Were From?                                                                              Croatia, because then I would be able to speak Croatian.

27: Favorite Moment In History?                                                                                             Historic Moment? No clue.

28: What Time In History Would You Go Back To?                                                                          1980’s.

29: If You Could Choose Would You Go to the future or the past?                                 Refer back to the last question.

30: Pet Koala Or Panda?                                                                                                               Ahhhhh so hard but I’d have to go with pet panda.

31: Communicate With Plants Or Animals?                                                                                Animals.

32: What Is Your Usual bedtime?                                                                                                          Depends how tired I am.

33: Worst Day You’ve Ever Had?                                                                                                   I’ve had lots but who hasn’t?

34: Fear You’ve Had/Have Since Childhood?                                                                            Fear of the ocean, heights, amphibians, vermin etc.


Well there you have it.  The Questions That No One Asks Tag. 

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As always thank you for reading.

Until Next Time, Stay Creative!!


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