Blogtober 2017 Day 18

Welcome Back, This Is 50 Facts About Me. Let’s Get Into It.

1: I am 20.

2: I Love Junk Food.

3: I Have Younger Two Sisters.

4: I Lived In Australia For 16 Years.

5: My Favorite Hockey Team Is The Edmonton Oilers.

6: I Love Winter.

7: I Started  This Blog In 2016.

8: My Favorite Animal Is The Panda.

9: I Just Moved Back To Canada.

10: My Favorite Holiday Season Is Christmas.

11: My First Pets Were Chinchillas.

12: I Really Dislike Opera.

13: I Love 80’s Music.

14: My Favorite  Restaurant Is A&W.

15: My Favorite Flower Is The Lily.

16: It Is Never Too Early For Christmas.

17: I Love Fireplaces.

18: I am Still Single.

19: The Cartoon Beauty And The Beast Is My Favorite.

20: I’m Trying To Rush To Get This Done.

21: I Have A Qualification In Make Up Artistry.

22: I Never Graduated Grade 12.

23: You Can Never Have Too Much Cheese.

24: I Am An Early Riser.

25: I Always Hurt Myself ( Not On Purpose ).

26: I Hate Sour Things.

27:  I Am Teaching Myself Spanish.

28: Thanks To My Australian School Life, I Am A Pro In The Gold Rush Era In Australia.

29: I Am Running Out Of Facts.

30: I Love The Walking Dead.

31: I Have An Intense Fear Of The Waves At The Beach.

32: I’m Friendly.

33: I’m Quiet.

34: Tea Is My Best Friend Right Now.

35: I Love Christmas Carols.

36: My Favorite Color Is Black.

37: I Have 4 Piercings In one Ear And Three In The Other.

38: Garlic Bread Is My Favorite Kind Of Bread.

39: I Love The Sunrise And The Sunset.

40: I Usually Sleep On My Stomach.

41: I Have Lots Of Pets In My Life Time.

42: My Nose Is Pierced.

43: I Find I Get Along Better With Males Than Females.

44: I Have Always Wanted A Brother.

45: This Post Is Coming To An End.

46: I Have To Go Back And Fix Up This Blog And All It’s Spelling Errors.

47: My Sisters Are 18 And 16 Years Old.

48: I Scare Easily.

49: I Sneeze When I look At The Sun.

50: That’s The End Of The 50 Facts About Me.


If You Enjoyed This Post, Be Sure To Like It And Please Comment Telling Me Something About You.

Thank You So Much For Reading.

Until Next Time, Stay Creative!!



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