Blogtober 2017 Day 29

Well I’m Back. I Have Been Horrible Once Again With My Posting. I Have No Exuse Other Then, I’m sorry. 

I Always Do This And No Matter How Hard I Try To Simplify Everything So It’s Easier For Me, I Always Fail To Complete The Task Properly. 

Again I Apologize To You All For The Lack Of Posts For Blogtober. I Will Come Up With A Way To Make It Up To You. If You Have Any Ideas Of What I Can Do, Please Leave Me A Comment Below.

With That Now Out Of The Way, Lets Jump Into Today’s Post. I’m Going To Share With You Some Last Minute Costume Ideas For Halloween.

Read Below To See What I’ve Come Up With⬇️⬇️


1. A Minnion From Despicable Me:


-Grab Some Yellow Or Purple Face Paint And Paint Your Face And Make Sure You Cover Your Neck As Well. Once You’ve Done That, Grab Some Yellow Or Purple Eyeshadow That Matches The Face Paint And Go Over The Paint To Set It.

-Tease Your Hair If Your Going As A Purple Minnion.

-Get Yourself A pair Of Denim Overalls.

-Put Them Together And Boom, You Are Now A Minnion.

2. Bruised And Battered:


-Grab Any Purple,Green,Blue,Red And Pink Eyeshadow And Create Bruising On Your Face Or Wherever You Want The Bruises.

-Grab An Old Tshirt And Create Holes In It. Once That’s Done Grab An Old Pair Of Jeans And Do The Same As You Did To The Shirt.

-Once That’s All Done, Mess Up And Tease Your Hair.

-Put It All Together And Boom, You’re Injured.

3. Zombie:


Get Zero Sleep The Night Before

-Grab Some Light Purple Eyeshadow And Excentuate The Bags Under Your Eyes

-Grab Old Pants And An Old Shirt And Make Holes In Them.

-Mess Up Your Hair And Add Fake Blood To Your Face.

-You’re now A Zombie.


That’s All I Could Come Up With. If Can Think Of Any Other Ideas, Please Let Me Know In The Comments.

As Always Thank You So Much For Reading This.

I WILL See You For Tomorrow’s Blog Post.

Until Next Time, Stay Creative!!


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