Blogtober 2017 Day 23

I’m Back! I Want To Thank you All For Understanding That I Needed A Break To Organize My Thoughts And Come Up With Some Fun Crafts For You And Your Kiddos Can Do Together.

I Have Come Up With Some Fun Cup Crafts That You Can Do. 

Let’s Jump Into It⬇️⬇️


1. Paper Cup Ghosts: 

Step 1: Grab A White Party Cup. If You Don’t Have One, Paint Whatever Party Cup You Have, White. If You painted A Cup, Let It Dry Completely.

Step 2: Grab Some Black Poster Cardboard Or Some Black Paper And Cut Out Two Small Circles For The Eyes And A Big Oval Shape For The Mouth.

Step 3: Glue On The Eyes And Mouth To The Cup And let Them Dry.

Step 4: enjoy.

2. Eye See You!:

Step 1: Go Around Your House With Your Kids And With A Big Bag Of Adhesive Googly Eyes, Stick Them On Shelves, Your TV, Fridge. Wherever You Want To Put Them, Have Fun With It And wait For Other Peoples Reactions. (My Sister Did This Once And It Was Great Seeing My Mom’s Reaction)


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Blogtober 2017 Day 18

Welcome Back, This Is 50 Facts About Me. Let’s Get Into It.

1: I am 20.

2: I Love Junk Food.

3: I Have Younger Two Sisters.

4: I Lived In Australia For 16 Years.

5: My Favorite Hockey Team Is The Edmonton Oilers.

6: I Love Winter.

7: I Started  This Blog In 2016.

8: My Favorite Animal Is The Panda.

9: I Just Moved Back To Canada.

10: My Favorite Holiday Season Is Christmas.

11: My First Pets Were Chinchillas.

12: I Really Dislike Opera.

13: I Love 80’s Music.

14: My Favorite  Restaurant Is A&W.

15: My Favorite Flower Is The Lily.

16: It Is Never Too Early For Christmas.

17: I Love Fireplaces.

18: I am Still Single.

19: The Cartoon Beauty And The Beast Is My Favorite.

20: I’m Trying To Rush To Get This Done.

21: I Have A Qualification In Make Up Artistry.

22: I Never Graduated Grade 12.

23: You Can Never Have Too Much Cheese.

24: I Am An Early Riser.

25: I Always Hurt Myself ( Not On Purpose ).

26: I Hate Sour Things.

27:  I Am Teaching Myself Spanish.

28: Thanks To My Australian School Life, I Am A Pro In The Gold Rush Era In Australia.

29: I Am Running Out Of Facts.

30: I Love The Walking Dead.

31: I Have An Intense Fear Of The Waves At The Beach.

32: I’m Friendly.

33: I’m Quiet.

34: Tea Is My Best Friend Right Now.

35: I Love Christmas Carols.

36: My Favorite Color Is Black.

37: I Have 4 Piercings In one Ear And Three In The Other.

38: Garlic Bread Is My Favorite Kind Of Bread.

39: I Love The Sunrise And The Sunset.

40: I Usually Sleep On My Stomach.

41: I Have Lots Of Pets In My Life Time.

42: My Nose Is Pierced.

43: I Find I Get Along Better With Males Than Females.

44: I Have Always Wanted A Brother.

45: This Post Is Coming To An End.

46: I Have To Go Back And Fix Up This Blog And All It’s Spelling Errors.

47: My Sisters Are 18 And 16 Years Old.

48: I Scare Easily.

49: I Sneeze When I look At The Sun.

50: That’s The End Of The 50 Facts About Me.


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Blogtober 2017 Day 17

Firstly, I Want To Apologize To You All For The Numerous Spelling Errors And Mish Mashed Sentences. I Have Been Writing All My Posts On My Phone For The Last However Long And You Know How Reliable Spellcheck Is……NOT! From Now On I Will Be Writing Them On The Laptop, That Way I Can Really Make Sure That I Am Giving You The Best Content To Read.

With All That Being Said, I Will Be Editing This Blog So It Will All Make Sense And Words Won’t Be Misspelled And Sentences Won’t Be A Mile Long.

So, With That Apology Out Of The Way, Let’s Get Into Today. I Thought That It Would Be Fun To Do Another Version Of  The Halloween Tag. If You Want To Read The One That I Did Last Year, I Will Link It Below. Just Be Warned That The Spelling May Be Off And It May Sound Like I Don’t Know How To Write Correctly.

Let’s Jump Into It!


  The Halloween Tag:

Q: What Is Your Favorite Horror Movie Or Halloween Themed Song?

A: This Is Halloween By Marilyn Manson.

Q:What Is Something Spooky That You Wouldn’t To Run Into At Night?

A: A Zombie.

Q: Have You Ever Played The Ouija Board?

A:No And I Never Will.

Q: What Is Your Favorite T.V/Movie Monster Or Villain?

A: Dracula.

5: What Is The Creepiest Thing That Has Ever Happened To You While Home Alone? A: Some Child Called My Name.

Q: If You Were Dared To, Would You Spend The Night At A Haunted House?

A: No Way.

Q: Are you Superstitious?

A: No.

Q: Do You Ever See Figures In Your Peripheral Vision?

A: Only When I’m Home Alone At Night.

Q: What Urban Legend Scares You The Most?

A: Does It Count If I Say All Of Them?

Q: Do You Prefer Gore Or Thrillers?

A: Aren’t They Both Gory And Thrilling?

Q: Do You Believe In Multiple Dimensions Or Worlds?

A: Yes, No, Not Sure.

Q: Have You Ever Made A Potion Of Any Sort?

A: Does Mud, Water And Grass Spears Count? (Mud Pie Soup)

Q: Do You Get Scared Easily?

A: Yes, Very Much So.

Q: Have You Ever Played Bloody Mary?

A: No, Nor Will I Ever!!

Q: Do You Believe In Demons And/Or The Devil?

A: Oh Yeah.

Q: You Are Home Alone And You Hear Footsteps, What Do You Do?

A: This Has Happened To Me And I Almost Peed Myself.

Q: What Scary Movie Would You Like To Be Trapped In?

A: I Do Not Want Trapped In Any.

Q: If Someone Told You That You Have To Wear One Halloween Costume For The Rest Of Your Life, What Costume Do You Choose?

A: A Cupcake.

Q: Would You Ever Go To A Graveyard At Night?

A: Depends.

Q: In A Zombie Apocalypse, What Is Your Weapon Of Choice?

A: Weapon Of Choice, Honey I Would Be Long Gone.

Q: Would You Rather Go To A Halloween Party Or Go Trick Or Treating?

A: Trick Or Treating, Bring On The Candy ( Lollipops ).

Q: You’re In A Horror Movie, Are You The Final Girl, The First To Die, The Comic Relief, The Skeptic, The Smart One Or the Killer?

A: The First One Dead.

Q: If You Watch A Horror Movie Before Bed, Do You Have To Watch A Happy Movie After?

A: I Have To Watch First Thing In The Morning So That I Have The Day To Forget It.

Q: During A Horror Movie, Are You The One Yelling At The Characters, The One With Their Hands Over Their Eyes Or The One Who Falls Asleep?

A: The One Whose Hands Are Over Their Eyes. 

Q: Do You Get Scared Or Do You Do The Scaring?

A: Both But Mainly Scared.

Q: What Is Your Favorite Scary Book?

A: I Don’t Have One.

Q: How Old Were You When You Saw Your First Horror Movie?

A: 8 Almost 9. 

Q: What Was Your First Halloween Costume?

A: Mom Dressed Me As A Hobo Clown ( I Had To Ask Her And She Said I Looked Oh So Cute. Thanks Mom).

Q: Do You Know What You Are Going As For Halloween 2017?

A: No Idea yet.

Q: If You Could Have Any Spooky Halloween Pet, Which Would You Choose?

A: I Once Had A Full Black Cat Named Mittens.


Well There You Go. I Hope That You Enjoyed Reading This And If You Have Any Questions For Me, You Can Leave Them In The Comment Section Below.

As Said At The Beginning, Here Is The Link For Last Year’s Halloween Tag:

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Blogtober 2017 Day 16 prt 2

Welcome back, today is part 2 of the questions that no one asks. 

Let’s jump into it⬇️⬇️


Questions That No One Asks Prt 2:

21: If You Could Choose One Person To Be The Last On Earth With You, Who Would It Be?                                                                                                                                                        No clue.

22: If Someone Told You, You Can’t Use Instagram, Twitter or YouTube Again, What Do You Choose?                                                                                                                               Twitter.

23: If You Got To Choose, How Would You Become Famous?                                                   Be the child of a famous person but also work hard for what I earn.

24: What Languages Do You Speak?                                                                                                  I am fluent in English and I can speak some Spanish.

25: Languages You Wish You Could Speak?                                                                            Croatian.

26: Country You Wish You Were From?                                                                              Croatia, because then I would be able to speak Croatian.

27: Favorite Moment In History?                                                                                             Historic Moment? No clue.

28: What Time In History Would You Go Back To?                                                                          1980’s.

29: If You Could Choose Would You Go to the future or the past?                                 Refer back to the last question.

30: Pet Koala Or Panda?                                                                                                               Ahhhhh so hard but I’d have to go with pet panda.

31: Communicate With Plants Or Animals?                                                                                Animals.

32: What Is Your Usual bedtime?                                                                                                          Depends how tired I am.

33: Worst Day You’ve Ever Had?                                                                                                   I’ve had lots but who hasn’t?

34: Fear You’ve Had/Have Since Childhood?                                                                            Fear of the ocean, heights, amphibians, vermin etc.


Well there you have it.  The Questions That No One Asks Tag. 

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Blogtober 2017 Day 15 prt 1

Good gosh you guys, we are on week 3. I can’t believe that we have reached this far. It seems like just yesterday I started Blogtober 2017.

Anyway, this entire week will be full of Q&A tags that I have found online. Today I am going to start with with questions that no one asks. This is part one. Please enjoy!!

Let’s jump into today⬇️⬇️


            Questions That No One Asks:

1: Where Did You Grow Up?                                                                                                         New Zealand and Australia.

2: Earliest Memory You Have?                                                                                                             Sitting outside playing scrabble and drinking iced tea with my grandma.

3: If You Won The Lottery, What Would You Do?                                                                            Help those in need.

4: How do you make your day productive?                                                                              Try to do one chore e.g laundry.

5: Flying Reindeer Or Unicorn?                                                                                                   Flying Reindeer.

6: Do You Have To Be Tucked in or fall asleep either way?                                                        Depends on how I feel and on the weather .

7: If You Had To Choose One Item Of Clothing To Wear forever, what would it be?            My black leggings ( I already have 3 pairs).

8: If You Could Kiss,Marry Or Kill Any Celebrity, Who Would It Be?                                 Kiss Luke Evans (Gaston), Marry Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and Kill Taylor Swift ( I really dislike her).

9: Question You Want To Answer That No One Asks?                                                                    How old are you really? Um 20.

10: Do You Still Watch Cartoons?                                                                                                  Yes I do, do you?

11: Show Or Movie You Watch But Shouldn’t?                                                                              I am of age so, none.

12: Show You Wish Would Come Back?                                                                                       The tv version of Lilo and Stitch.                      

13: Song You Sing But Don’t Know The Lyrics To?                                                                           Hurricane Streets by Hey Monday.

14: If You Could Have One Talent, What Would It Be?                                                              The ability to turn those I loath into stone and then they crumble.

15: Would You Prefer The World To Be Peaceful Forever Or  Have No One Go Hungry?                                                                                                                                         That’s a tough but question, what would you choose? ( comment below ).

16: What Weird Food Combo Do You Like?                                                                                Salt ‘n’ vinegar chips with cottage cheese.

17: Eat Your Calories Or Drink Them?                                                                                        Can I blend my calories in a blender then drink them?

18: 5 Things That Improve Your Day?                                                                                    Devotions, coffee or tea, good food, great sleep and good company.

19: Would You Prefer Someone To Go Through Your Phone Or Internet History?               Internet history.

20: Three things for survival of stranded?                                                                                 Fully charged cell phone, food and water



Well there you have it the first part of questions that no one asks. 

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